Thursday, March 1, 2012

Start small, but start...

Alright, this is the ice breaker.

Almost 10 weeks without a blog post. I hope I'm back in action.

I was listening to Focus on the Family's radio program the other day and Joanna Weaver, author of "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World" was giving advice on how to worship God in the busyness of life when it seems like you have so many other priorities instead of sitting still, knowing that He is God and worshipping Him in quietude every day. I didn't listen to the whole program, but one thing that caught my attention was when she said, "Start small, but start." For some reason, that really resonated with me . It's like the Chinese saying, "A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step," but I like this one better because it's shorter and more to the point. It's more direct... like she was telling ME "Just start already! Stop procrastinating. Stop being a perfectionist. Start!"

She was saying how we don't have to be such a perfectionists. She was referring to things like reading the Bible, but it applies to all areas of life. There's no need to have perfectionism stop you from doing something you want, need or should do simply because you're afraid that you won't be able to finish it the way you want or maybe you won't be able to finish ALL of it at once.

It doesn't have to be all or nothing. It can be a little at a time.

I can apply this to so many areas of my life right now.

So, this is how I have been starting, but starting small:

Reading the Bible & Women's Bible study: I downloaded a Bible app on my phone and it gives me a verse of the day. Not all the time, but often, I will pray over that verse and think about it when I check my phone. Our Bible study also has one verse to memorize per week. I write the verse on a small whiteboard that hangs over the changing table... so I read it several times throughout the day and uncountable times throughout the week! Also, while I don't do this everyday, I do read over the Bible study questions while I'm nursing Jacob. I can just grab my phone and check out the verses referenced in each question. I may not write the answers in my book, but I am thinking about and praying over the questions and answers! I don't have to feel guilty about not answering every single question. God isn't sitting there saying, "Oh you missed number 7 - you're not getting into heaven!" (haha that rhymed and I didn't even mean to.)  Even if it's reading one verse per day, God can speak volumes to you through one verse. His Word is so deep, there are so many truths that we can apply to our life through just one verse... and one day it might speak something different to you than another day!!

Cleaning up the house: Doing laundry and loading/unloading the dishwasher are my "staple" chores, but my house is just begging me for some TLC. So I've been trying to do little things here and there, like sweep one room and pick up things here and there. However, sometimes smaller cleaning steps can lead to bigger ones! Today, after I made myself lunch, there were a couple spots of sauce on the countertop. Instead of just wiping it up with just a paper towel, I got out the cleaning spray and thought, "Well, while I'm at it, I'll just clean this little area." One thing led to another and I cleaned that entire countertop, underneath the toaster oven, put away the recyclables, cleaned the microwave door, cleaned an entirely different countertop, put things away that were on the island, and cleaned the door to the dishwasher...... Seriously? Have I ever cleaned the door to the dishwasher before?? Maybe when we first moved in!! I was on a roll and it felt good!

Organizing my Craft room/Jacob's playroom (same room): Well, this is a daunting task. I've purchased organization "things" at Target and went through a couple boxes of craft stuff that have been in those very boxes since 2009... No joke. That's all I've done in that room so far besides gather ideas on Pinterest for DIY craft storage and play and learning room ideas, but ohhh I have good intentions!! One thing at a time...

and of course,

Writing in my blog: Is it bad that when I heard her say "Start small, but start", even though she was talking about worshiping God, I almost immediately thought about my blog?! Hope not :-) All day long, I write blog posts in my head... and I have used the excuse that I never get a chance to sit down and type it out. The truth is that I feel like if I can't finish a whole blog post in one sitting then I don't want to start it at all. So, instead when I do use the computer, I'm wasting my time using Facebook. Ugh. The life sucker.... Facebook is just so non-commital. I can walk away from it whenever I want (do I sound like an addict? haha... I can stop anytime!!). Using Facebook doesn't take much effort at all; I can use one hand to "like" posts and type short comments like "haha" or "lol." With blog posts I always have high aspirations and good intentions. I want it to be the best darn blog post I've ever written. I want to write tutorials, brag about my husbands super-delicious, super creative recipes, review ideas found on Pinterest, and share with you what I am learning in my Bible study and what God is teaching me in my life..... but I don't have to be discouraged when I can't do exactly that. Maybe sometimes (or often times) I can just upload a picture, give it a caption, share a quick thought and be done.

It can be short and sweet. There's really nothing wrong with that.

Ironically, the "start small" way that I used to start writing this blog post, was to not write it all! Yup, you read that right. I downloaded an app to my phone called "Note 2 Self". I spoke most of it throughout the day, walking around the house carrying Jacob or while nursing. Then you just email the text to yourself and copy/paste it here for editing and voila :-)

Now, to apply this philosophy to exercise........... Yeeeaa.... You mean carrying around a 12-pound baby all day doesn't count?? It must!

So, here it is.
The ice breaker.
Be back soon I hope.

I think if I keep the below verse always in mind, then things will just fall into place and if blogging is not meant to be a "priority" in my life right now, then I will accept that.

"Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33 

God bless

P.S. Here's my cutest little lovebug in all the land..... who just so happens to be waking up right now. Hey.. You're cool God, thanks for giving me this time... It means a lot and You know it :-)


  1. Jenn,

    Jake is adorable! Enjoy every moment with this precious baby.

    Nice blog!


  2. Thank you Karen!! :) I'm definitely enjoying him!