Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quitting Disposables Cold Turkey

A couple days ago I ran out of disposable diapers. Well, I actually have a full, unopened box of 180 size 1 diapers, but I was too afraid to open them because I think he is too big for them now...

When I was pregnant, I was totally gung-ho convinced I would do cloth diapering. I knew I would do disposables for the first few weeks when he was pooping all.the.time.... but I assumed I would then easily transition into cloths. Ha! Everything is only now beginning to be not so crazy and honestly, I didn't want something to come along and make it all crazy again. We didn't make a huge investment in the cloths - most are pre-owned, some we purchased 1/2 off, and accessories were given to us or bought with gift cards - so I felt like it wouldn't necessarily be a total waste of money.

But then the other night happened. I took too long to decide whether or not we should return the box of 1s and buy a box of 2s, and voila - no more disposables.

I thought of the verse that we're memorizing this week for Bible Study:

"In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:6

I surrendered control to God, even in something so minor as cloth diapering, and said alright God, please help me cause I'm a bit nervous!!

So, I braved it and grabbed the easiest looking cloth and stuck it on him for the night - the bumGenius all-in-one.

Easy enough to get on him. Much like a disposable!

When I changed him in the morning, I did notice that it leaked on him... Lesson learned to stuff it with a couple more cloth inserts when he wears one overnight. I also noticed that when thoroughly soaked, it reeks of urine, much unlike the disposable. Blech. The only reason it was soaked though is because I am not changing it when we nurse at night, so that he doesn't fully wake up - unless he poops of course!

So, in the morning, I dared myself to try the more confusing looking one - the Econobum one-size (a.k.a. button-up) prefold.

I don't know why, but those buttons were confusing! But I did it and now I not so scared anymore ;-)

I do like the bumGenius all-in-ones better I think, for now at least, simply because of the ease of use and the velcro tabs, but I threw a prefold on him again this evening.. just to keep things interesting!

I'm not that daring though, he's going night-nights with an all-in-one with two extra inserts.

Well, here begins the adventures in cloth diapering I guess... It's been easy so far, but ironically, the boy who poops all the time has NOT yet pooped in the cloth.

We shall see :-)

For those thinking about making the investment in cloth diapering, stay tuned for my next post with a list of some of the cloth diapering essentials that you will need to get started.

I'll let you know how it goes when he poops and when I have to wash them! Eeek!

God bless

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