Monday, March 19, 2012

Out and About on Main St in Keene NH!

This Saturday, Jon went into work for a couple hours and got the oil changed in my car, so he dropped Jacob and I off downtown in Keene. It wasn't as nice of a day as the days this upcoming week are going to be, but it was nice enough to get out and give my baby his first stroll around Main Street!

He actually slept the entire time, which was fine because we had to stay a little longer than expected because the people at Sullivan Tire took about 45 minutes to take my car in, even though we had an appointment scheduled! Anyway, I had a great time pushing him along, in and out of the shops.

I was going to use the front carrier because I was nervous the aisles in the shops would not be wide enough for the stroller, but it was great! We went into Hannah Grimes Marketplace and Your Kitchen Store, but since I took so many pictures there I will give them their own separate posts! Love those stores, but they're just too pricey for me! But that doesn't mean I can't gaze longingly and take pictures of things I like.... Although, I wish I didn't have to feel like such a weirdo taking pictures! What, you people don't want me to advertise your stores on my wildly popular blog that has sooo many readers?! (Sarcasm duly noted.)

Anywho, here are some pretty things that caught my eye as my baby boy and I made our way up and down (and up and down) Main Street.

MOE is a really nice clothing store at the end of Main St., right on the corner of Roxbury St. I love the clothes, unfortunately they are way overpriced. The always have a sales rack outside the store with clothes that are really inexpensive; the only thing is the clothes on the sales rack are not at all like the clothes in the store. They are like granny or hippie clothes. And all either size 0 or size 18... Umm OK!

Little Boutique is a children's resale store right off of Main St. at 16 West St.. They have really nice things, obviously for less than the retail price. Lots of clothes, toys, nursery accessories, some maternity clothes, cloth diapers, Melissa and Doug toys, anything and everything related to babies or kids. The store is VERY small though, so it wasn't too pleasant with a stroller. Also, every time I've gone in here, the owner's mother was watching the store and she seems to not know anything about any prices.. ever. Also, she seems kind of rude sometimes... It's weird. Maybe I'm just sensitive lol. One time though, I was in there and she was talking to a woman that she obviously knew or was friends with, and I literally stood there waiting to ask her a question for about 15 minutes. That's really a long time to wait for a worker to stop talking to a non-customer!! Anyway, don't get me wrong, it's a nice store and the owner was really nice when I met her. They have a Facebook Page too where they add pictures of new items when they come in. The page is called Little Boutique Children's Resale.

Some great foodie places on Main Street! Fritz is known for their french fries and live music. Thai Garden has very friendly servers and the food is delicious. I don't like anything spicy or with that peanut sauce though, so I can't vouch for that. The Thai iced tea, however, is amazingly sugary deliciousness. The Works, previously named Bagel Works, is a small, local franchise that only uses fresh, natural and, when available, locally grown produce and meats, etc. Their bagels are so good and their sandwiches are worth the price you pay. Also, they always display local art/photography around the restaurant, so it has a nice artsy ambiance. Ye Goodie Shoppe is know for their amazing fine chocolates and candies. They obviously didn't want me to come in and try any of their samples, however, because I would've had to lug the stroller up a (short) flight of stairs to get in.

Mmmm... When I was at The Works trying to waste time, I got a sausage, egg and cheese on a poppy bagel for $3.39. Really good price for the quality of the sandwich. Not like Dunkin Donuts wicked greasy and fake breakfast sandwiches!! These sausages (and pork and bacon) are nitrite and nitrate-free!

It was a very fun day and I am looking forward to many more great walks like this with my baby boy now that the weather is nice!! I am so looking forward to showing him the world!!!

God bless!

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