Monday, March 5, 2012

The Adventures in Cloth Diapering Continue!

So, quick update on the cloth situation here at the Bennett house:

The second night in cloths, he leaked again. All up the back and out the legs. He was in an older pair of bumGenius all-in-ones that are a little roomy on the legs, but nevertheless I chalked it up to the number of inserts we put in (2), so I thought, "Well, we can try again tonight with three inserts!" Just in case though, we went to church with the newer, tighter fitting bumGenius's. No accidents there!

BUT.... upon our return home, I changed him and put on another of the older ones. I really should have known better considering they were a little bit loose in the legs. AND considering he had still not pooped yet in about 36 hours, give or take.

So, we were nursing and I heard him start to poop.

I panicked.

I yelled to Jon to grab me a burp cloth and put it under his bum. He moved with lightening speed!  haha!!

I'll spare you the details, but basically it started oooozing out the leg and on to the burp cloth. Oh wait, that IS the details. Well, there you go... Wicked nasty. And fun.

And see, the difference between disposable and cloth: the disposable absorbs the poop more or less. The cloth, my friends, DOES NOT. *Shudders*

Needless to say, after we took care of that situation I removed all the extra inserts that we pre-stuffed into those older, stretched out, bumGenius's and I've been using the Econobum prefolds since, because the newer bumGenius's are still damp from the wash.

I am actually getting used to the prefold system. Although, I do admit that for anyone who has very fumbly hands like me, it will take a bit to get used to... especially when your baby is squirmy! It can be a bit frustrating when you're half asleep as well. I put them on him last night and he didn't leak... though I didn't want to risk it and I did change it in the middle of the night, so it's probably not a good test.

I also noticed that he throws up a lot more when I change his diaper with the prefolds. Sounds weird, but he always throws up every time we change his diaper (no matter when, before or after feeding), because you have to lift up his belly higher than his head when he is laying flat which makes it easy for the stomach contents to travel back up to the esophagus. Anyway, he throws up more now because I have to kinda push on his belly in order to fasten and unfasten the buttons. (You don't want to just pull them apart harshly because it will stretch or tear the fabric.)

So that stinks.

And what also stinks is how BULKY they are!!! Ugh, they make him look so SILLY.

See look.

Ignore how ADORABLE that outfit is. Look at how bulky they make him look! That isn't reason enough to not cloth diaper, but still....


So, even though it's working out alright so far, I still am not totally sure if it's the right thing for us. I WANT to because of the cost savings and it will keep more disposable diapers out of the landfills, but I don't knowwww..... It's just a bit more work.... I know that sounds lazy... like I should just suck it up since it's only "a bit more work"... but.... we'll see.

I am praying about it.

Oh, also I actually have less usable diapers than I thought I would. I have 18 and then my sister-in-law brought a bunch of the really old ones (3 years old) this past Saturday so I thought I was all set. Turns out, the four Bumkins and one Fuzzibunz that I have are WAY too big and now I can't use any of the old ones until he is a bit bigger. So I have 13. That is barely enough to get through ONE DAY!!

So, like I said, I am really praying about it because I don't want to invest any more money into getting more diapers if it is not the right thing for us.

Ohhh also - and I know, blah blah you're a mom now you'll deal with much worse, but whatever, keep those comments to yourself lol - if you want to reuse the prefold liner then you have to take out the insert with your hands and your fingers get pee all over them. You don't necessarily HAVE to reuse the liner, but if you're like us right now and have less diapers than you need, then it kinda becomes a necessity to reuse the liner. I wouldn't reuse it if he pooped though.

So, that's that.

I guess it's still full steam ahead, since we don't have a disposable diaper to our name!

God bless


  1. Go with the disposable. I used cloth for Brian and then 1/2 the time for CJ. Disposables is the way to go! Don't feel guilty.

    In the long run I don't think you really save any money. All that laundry and the mess (literally speaking)....LOL!


  2. haha thanks for the advice!! It is definitely more work that's for sure :-)

    And a bit more smelly lol!

    1. I found your blog through your using the #clothdiaper tag in twitter. Thought I'd add my 2 cents. First, some fun facts:
      1.) I have twin 4 month old girls and an 11 year old.
      2.) I am the laziest mother I know.
      3.) I will take the easiest route over the cheapest.
      4.) I am stubborn as hell.
      5.) I love cute crap.

      So knowing all that here goes my 2 cents... when I found out I was having twins I panicked remembering how expensive diapers were (I used them exclusively with my first) so I decided to give cloth diaps a try. I did a TON of research and consulted my online support group and was given a MOUNTAINFUL of information. Prefolds, covers, all in ones, inserts, hemp, bamboo, one size, say whaaaa?! My grandmother made maters worse telling me that she hated CD because of all the muss and that we kids these days really have it easy with sposies, to take advantage of modern marvels. Bla, bla, bla. I decided she was old and crazy. Read: point 4.

      So I started with some prefold and covers and found those to be too bulky. And it was all just so much to clean. I was beside myself when I found fuzzi bunz on sale for cheap. And all I had to do was stuff them suckers?! Oh ya!!! How’s THAT for modern marvels gran!? Well not so much. See one of my girls is a chub and the other is more slender so between the stuffing and the readjusting for each baby, I was going mad. I mean I had other things I needed to do. Eat bonbons, paint my toe nails, catch up on my soaps, you know… hard stuff twin moms do. I was so close to giving up. The prestuffing was really starting to get to me. And even still I had leaks. Then I discovered the bumgenius line of freetimes. I was given one to sample and blog about and a week later I sold every single other diaper I owned, saved up a little and bought a whole crap-ton at once (for extra savings) and let me just say… I have never looked back. WITH TWINS, these suckers pay for themselves in less than 4 months. They are SUPER easy to use. All the crap is sewn into the diaper and the pockets allow for the whole diap to get clean throughout. I found using oxyclean keep that sick diap-on-a-hot-concrete smell at bay. And (and and and) they are super freakin’ cute! In Texas it gets hot. Very hot. My kids will no longer look like walmart babies in just their diaps. NoSir! Cute, cute, cute. I mean really… look at the cute

      Yes, they’re a little extra bulky but to be honest, in your picture above, I couldn’t tell you were using a cloth over a sposie. I do have to use an extra insert at night because they do have accidents but that’s what happens when your babies sleep for 8 hours straight (whatwhat). But I tell you what, NOTHING has held these babies blowouts like these clothies. The horror stories I could tell you about disposable blow outs (shutters).
      And the whole carbon footprint, yada yada yeda.

      Seriously, I’ve never looked back. They ARE a little pricey, I warn but some things I used to sway my cheap-couldn’t-care-less-about-the-environment husband included the math (less than 4 months of sposies) and the fact that IF we are insane enough to have any more rugrats, they’re good for future babes. And since we’ll definitely not be having twins again (YOU HEAR ME UNIVERSE!!), we’ll have plenty to go ‘round.

      So… there ya go. My essay on why cloth diapers rock! Hang in there mama. You’ll get the hang of it. Whatever you chose is what will be best for you and your sanity, either way.

      Contact me if you need any further unsolicited advice from strangers 

      Amanda Otto

      ps: I swear I’m not a bumgenius rep of any sorts. Just finally found something that works for me and love oversharing.

  3. lol thanks! Glad you added that P.S., because I might have thought you WERE a bumGenius rep!! lol! Found you on Twitter and I am following you now :-) (@JennaveveB) Well, the advice isn't really "unsolicited" since I am airing my dirty laundry for all the public to read!

    Thanks though, I'm still not sure what to do.. Still using cloths right now, but disposables at night because it just seems like the cloths can't even last 3-4 hours without leaking.. I swear my baby just has little chicken legs haha

    I will definitely stop by your blog/website! :-)