Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On Having a Christmas Baby

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This kid is still in the belly, and we of course don't know when he'll make his grand entrance, but his birth will be within days of Christmas (might even be a New Year's baby though... who knows!). Anyway, if he does come immediately before or after (or ON!!) Christmas then I'm going to have to work "extra hard" each year to make his birthday special.... or so I hear...!

On the one hand, it makes for such a very special Christmas... for the parents at least? Also, this will mean that out-of-town family and friends will likely be in-town to at least celebrate with a little cake and ice cream!

On the other hand, I hear that almost everyone who has their birthday around Christmas feels neglected and they don't get a chance of having their own special day... or rather, most say they felt "cheated" out of receiving as many gifts as they would get if their birthday were another time during the year...!

Is it weird to say that it might possibly teach them that life is not all about material possessions?!? 

I mean... of course I remember being young and having birthday parties and I totally enjoyed and appreciated them... but there were also other years where big birthday parties and many Christmas gifts were just not financially feasible and I have grown up really appreciating where a dollar gets you and gifts that people give me.

Some ideas that could make his birthday special are:

  1. Wrap birthday presents in birthday wrapping paper. You can get wrapping paper at the Dollar Store, so it's definitely worth the $1 to give your child a gift with special birthday wrapping.
  2. Change the venue. I thought this idea was a good one, although a possibly more expensive one. Having a birthday party in your own home (or a relative's home) is free, but you've got all the Christmas decorations and Christmas tree looming overhead. So, go to a pizza place and have a pizza party or go somewhere like Chuck E Cheese. (I don't know though... some years he'll just have to deal with the Christmas decorations because this really could get expensive every year!)
  3. Do not combine presents. Start buying presents earlier in the year to ease the pain of having to buy all these gifts at the end of the year. Requires discipline, yes! but I think it is certainly doable.
  4. Half-birthdays! Celebrate the birthday with a party 6 months later when it's warm! Sure, it will overshadow my OWN birthday, but I haven't cared about celebrating my own birthday since I was a teenager. I wouldn't want MY birthday to then overshadow the celebration of HIS birthday! (Still get a little something on his actual birthday, but the bigger celebration can come later....) I've spoken with people who recommended this because they enjoyed it as a kid, but I guess we will have to see what Jacob thinks :-) Also, his friends will all have their own holiday plans during the Christmas season.... this way they should likely be in town to celebrate!

Well, it will be a challenge I guess, but we'll have to roll with it!

Now, when is this baby coming out to play?!

God bless and Merry Christmas!


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