Saturday, December 24, 2011

Adorable Nursery for My Son? Check!

I was re-reading the original post I wrote about how I wanted the nursery to be decorated, and I am pretty pleased to say that it came out very close to my vision!

I said I wanted browns, tans, greens, blues, and yellows.... CHECK

I said I wanted a sheep/farm theme, but to not be too "themey".... CHECK

I said I wanted to get the room as shabby chic and antique/traditional as I could afford.... CHECK

Thank God for the generosity of sooo many people and for His provisions because this nursery would not have turned out at all like it did and I am soo thankful and happy :-)

Details and Prices of Items:

The top portion of the wall was painted a light seafoam green. It was actually an "oops" paint can (where the price is marked down because they messed up mixing it) and it was supposed to be "Water Lily Pond Green". The brand is ColorPlace Interior Latex Semi-Gloss and it was purchased at Walmart. It's actually a very crappy paint and we had to do three coats and it still left spots. The bottom portion of the wall is "Fudge Truffle" by Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Semi-Gloss Paint & Primer in one and was purchased at Home Depot. This paint was 100 times better and we only had to do two coats, but honestly could have gotten away with one coat. (My husband didn't like that it was Paint & Primer in one. He thought it made it so that we had to do two coats...)

Changing table was purchased from Craiglist for $15 and then spraypainted the same ivory/cream color as the crib ($5). The changing pad is a Serta Nightstar 3-Sided Contour was $30 from Target (baby shower gift card!). The green basket on the second shelf was $14.99 from Michaels (purchased with 50% off coupon!). The diaper caddy on the second shelf is the Munchkin Portable Diaper Caddy from Target and is $12.99 (baby shower gift!). The two brown tote baskets on the bottom shelf are also from Target. Sorry, I can't find them online. They are very spacious and were a great deal at $13 each (baby shower gift card!). Inside are cloth diapers that I bought used or with coupons. (Used from my sister-in-law and I trust the way she cleans them!) The other hanging diaper caddy on the right side is the Jumping for Joy crib set by Kenneth Brown Baby. I purchased it on clearance for $5 at TJ Maxx, but you can buy it off ebay so as to not pay full price. I purchased the knit sweater hanging above the changing table for $3 at a flea market and the picture in the frame is from "The Real Mother Goose" images I found online and printed in color.

The bookcase was $10 from a yard sale and my husband spraypainted it the same ivory/cream color ($5). Above the bookcase, the hanging pennant decoration is  from the Jumping for Joy crib set collection by Kenneth Brown Baby. The framed picture in the center beneath it is the letter "S" from a boxed alphabet set that was given to my by my sister. The two pictures on the side I found by searching on google for "The Real Mother Goose illustrations" and then I printed them out in color. The frames were $7 each (2 for 1 sale though) at Michaels. The images are of the nursery rhymes "Baa, Baa Black Sheep" on the right and "To Market, To Market, To Buy A Fat Pig" on the left. On top of the bookcase are all gifts to me or hand-me-downs: lullaby sheep stuffed animal (not sure where it's from) and wooden toys. The blocks spelling out "Jakey" are from a wooden push toy that stored away wooden, rubber and cloth blocks. I can't find it online, sorry. The blocks with the sheep on it on the left are Melissa and Doug Sound Blocks and can be bought from ebay, Amazon, etc. The wipes warmer on the second shelf is a cloth and disposable wipes warmer (Prince Lionheart Warmies brand) and was $25 online at Target (baby shower gift card!). The cloth totes with toys in them on the bottom shelf are ClosetMaid Fabric Drawers purchased from Target for about $12 for a 2-pack. 

Crib was purchased from Craigslist for $35 and it included the bumper set, some crib sheets and baby monitor. The blue knit blanket hanging on the side was a gift from a friend and the stuffed animals and blankies were all gifts as well. A lot of the animal blankies are Douglas Cuddle Toys. The dinosaur is from Stellabella Toys in Massachusetts. 

The shelving unit in the "toy nook" is another modular craft storage unit purchased a long time ago from Michaels. I can't find the brand online, but search for "modular craft storage unit"... though I highly recommend using a 40% off coupon at Michael's or Joann Fabrics instead. (They accept each other's coupons, btw.) All of the wooden toys inside were gifts, as was the sheep "piggy bank" on top and the books. The Pinocchio record is a gift from my sister. Our father got it for her when she was little. The dark blue wicker toy basket has a chalkboard frame on it and was purchased from Michaels. They don't sell products on their website, but I've seen these baskets in the store for a couple years now, so they must be an item they keep in stock. It also comes in red. The rocking horse was a baby shower gift and I am not entirely sure what brand it is or where it was purchased, but this one looks very similar. It makes galloping and whinnying sounds.

The glider was given to us as a gift from a friend. The cushions were red, but I bought brown fleece fabric from Joann's Fabric and covered them. Hanging over it is a swaddling blanket with matching colors. To the left of the glider are two modular craft storage pieces that stack on top of each other. They were purchased at Michaels for myself a long time ago (I'm sure with a 40% off coupon). 

Advice for Achieving a Similar Look:

Start early, check Craigslist frequently, don't get too caught up on needing a particular "matching set", and know that compromises will need to be made due to finances!

Decorating style:

Traditional, playful and affordable

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God Bless You!


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