Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's a Boy! ♥ Jacob Elijah ♥

Had our BIG REVEAL ultrasound this morning! My mother came with us and everything went very well. It was so awesome seeing my baby again, but sadly I think this will be the last time until I give birth!

So excited that we're having a wittle baby boy :-) Can't wait for my little Jakey to get here!!

Those are his legs and the arrow is pointing to his little you-know-what :-) Isn't it strange that I am already so proud?! haha... My healthy baby boy!! 

We did also have to get a fetal echo-cardiogram because Jon and his siblings were born with heart defects, so they checked our little ones heart today also. (I actually fell asleep during that one! It was about 50 minutes of the woman looking up close at the heart and the room was dark and silent, except for the white noise coming from the ultrasound machine!). 

We will get those results back in about a week, so we're keeping in prayer about that. 

I love you God! Thank you for Your blessings! Thank you for such a wonderful day with my husband and my mom! ♥ †


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