Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Halfway There! My Journey to 20 Weeks Pregnant

I promise blog, I have no forgotten about you. I have neglected you, but not abandoned you entirely.

Life is too crazy right now to keep up with everything and I think I will post here more often when I actually have a baby. For now, you'll have to make due with periodic updates... very periodic!

This journey has been... incredible. interesting. awe-inspiring. funny. painful. scary. fun. You name it!

I didn't really have any sickness in the beginning besides about 3 weeks straight of constant nausea. No throwing up though, thank God! My back is definitely suffering already since I had a bad back even before I was pregnant, so I hope to be getting one of those support belts soon. Growing pains. Man, they sure are called that for a reason! I get "round ligament" pain very often and when my breasts were growing it hurt so much! And seriously, they're going to grow more?! I am already very overdue for a new bra... Yikers....

Sleep has been... an "adventure". If I am not having weird, detailed and disturbing dreams, then I am tossing and turning because of the pain and general discomfort. Recently I've tried sleeping with a huge U-shaped body pillow and it has only caused more discomfort - although truthfully, I think my husband is more uncomfortable with it taking up his side of the bed than I am sleeping with it! Poor guy, he just wants a good night sleep... Boy, are we in for a rude awakening!!  LITERALLY!

I only wake up once, twice tops, to go to the bathroom at night... though, truth be told, I believe that's because I don't drink enough during the day. I tryyy, but I don't try hard enough. Honestly, how can one person drink THAT much water and still have room for food?! Honestly?! I am FULL off of all that water! It makes my stomach hurt! And I very much enjoy NOT having a hurty stomach :-)

Mmmm speaking of food... I eat a lot, but I don't think I am overdoing it (yet)... I'm really not taking that whole "eating for two" thing to the extreme... *Ahem, check back in 10 weeks.. we'll see where I stand then* ..... I just have many snacks or small meals during the day. And proud to say that most of it is healthy stuff! I'll have bad days or strings of bad days where I probably don't eat very healthy at all, but I think generally my eating habits are rather good. Especially considering where I started!!! (Going hours on end without eating because I didn't feel hungry or eating just sweets and cookies.... or eating a LOT and having it ALL be unhealthy food.. Not to mention ZERO water intake!!!)

I know the below picture of me is hideous, but YAAAYY my belly popped! Finally! People still say it is very small, but whatever at least it's obvious I am pregnant now! Though not obvious enough that a stranger would be able to ask me when I am due without risking a VERY awkward "Um, I'm not pregnant...." situation!

Who knows, maybe I will stay "small" throughout... Though I would be VERY surprised if that is true! I just always imagined myself to be a large pregnant woman... or as my friend would say, Pregasaurus. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

I'll try posting again sometime soon.... Depends on my definition of "soon"... Don't hold it against me if it doesn't match YOUR definition of "soon" ;-)

Good bless! xoxo


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