Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Great Online Commission

Yesterday I was driving home from an enjoyable game of mini-golf with my so-soon-to-be husband, and since the signal was going out on one of the two local Christian radio stations I listen to (Hope 94.9), I switched over to The Light (91.9FM in my neck of the woods).

I started listening just in time to hear the host say,

"What do you know about Internet Evangelism? Well, stay tuned to find out..."

I turned the volume up. This really piqued my interest since a) that's what I pray to achieve with this recently created blog {to share the good news & how it affects my life}... and b) I'm a big nerd and love me a little bit of techy-talk :)

A spokeswoman came on from Global Media Outreach (GMO), explaining how 2 million people log onto the internet everyday all across this beautiful planet and they search... for answers, for truth, for God. She then started listing off more statistics: how many hits they get on fundamental questions like, "Why am I on earth?" and "Does God love me?"; how many visitors to their sites request to receive online follow-up from a Christian to talk about these questions; and how many of these people from around the world ultimately accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

The numbers astounded me... and excited me!! {You know, as a side note: I heard on the radio the other day that technically Christianity is the fastest growing religion when it comes to conversions and the only reason why Islam gets the prize for "fastest-growing religion" is because their birth rates are so high! There's your "learn somethin' new everyday" fact for today!}

Well. I wanted part of this. For the last 3 years I have been working at a company where I am in charge of content-management for our website, do Internet marketing and Social Media Optimization, etc. and I've always known that God has a reason for why I am learning the things I'm learning at my job. I just didn't know why yet. Maybe this could be the start of God having me use those talents I've learned???

I pulled up the driveway, finished listening to the program, shut off my car and quickly went inside to the computer. I went to GMO's Facebook page to sign up for their free webinar - which unfortunately, I found out was this morning, during work hours, so I couldn't attend :( but I did sign up for more information on Online Missionary Volunteering.

I also sat there for a long time and watched the site eGreatCommision as the real-time numbers showed people from around the world visiting sites like 4 Steps to God, and proclaiming either "Yes" or "No" to their belief in Jesus, and then requesting follow-up from an online missionary. It was so so exciting to watch! You should really check it out, it's a real blessing to see Christ in action.. even if it is virtually :)

Well.. I will leave you today with this video from Global Media Outreach's YouTube channel.
Be blessed <3

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