Sunday, April 18, 2010

Out of Egypt...

God assigns each of us a time and a place.

A time or generation to be born into. A place to be born and to grow up. A time to find Him. A place to live in Him.

He leads people in and out of our lives, brings us to Egypt and delivers us out of Egypt. He constantly uses circumstances in our lives to lead us to Him. Sometimes people understand what's going on and open the door to let Him in. Others keep the door shut.

Up until the spontaneous moment my mom decided to buy a mobile home in small-town New Hampshire, our family was Boston-bred, born and raised. But, our dad died in '94 and apart from having extended family scattered around metro-Boston, we had no other reason to keep living in the projects we had called home for so long.

Just like the appointed time when the Jews were delivered out of Egypt, we were appointed to pack up and move to a small, "boring", no-action town in New Hampshire. The nights were pitch black and silence was deafening, until the coyotes howled and the fischer cats wailed, and the sound of crickets took over in a cacophony of chaos.

And just like the Jews, we pretty much complained the whole way, not yet able to see the big picture. But there isn't a mall or movie theater or anything in walking distance?! What are we supposed to do all day?!

Life went on. My sister and I got on the bus that would take us to our new school, all the while conscious that we were the new kids and that everyone was staring at us. Not to mention... Did no one ever hear of Contempo Casuals around here?!

And, in a strange twist of events, we made friends. Good friends. Great friends. Friends that we couldn't even imagine what our life would've been like without.

Well, whaddyaknow.. it wouldn't be so bad after all.

As "bad" as it was at first, I thank God that He brought my family to NH and - as strange as it sounds - I thank Him that He used the circumstance of the death of our dad to bring us out of our Egypt.

Had we not come here, my sister would not have two beautiful and amazing children, I would not be marrying my soul mate, and only God knows how else our lives would be different.

I trust in God's plan and know that this is where we were meant to be.
This is our Promised Land.

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