Friday, April 23, 2010

Slavery is Alive and Thriving

Today I started following @AaronCohen777 on Twitter... I liked his bio description: "abolitionist".

Aaron is author of the memoir "Slave Hunter: One Man's Global Quest to Free Victims of Human Trafficking". I would really like to get this book to become more informed about the current situation. His website is, so check it out... {after you finish reading here of course! :p}

Many people don't know the extent to which slavery is thriving in today's world, but it is a booming business and a staggering 800,000 people are bought and sold each year, adding to the already approximately 27 MILLION people enslaved today {more than double the amount of 3 1/2 centuries of African slaves}. The sad thing is, most people also don't realize that America is the largest purchaser of slaves (majority being sex slaves, both women as well as boys). Supply and demand. Americans are keeping the business as alive as ever.

{Faceless Victims}
These two little girls are already sex slaves in Cambodia. They will grow up to be among the countless faceless victims of the sex slave industry. Image of two little girls from Collage made by me at

Sure, slavery has a new face now and a new name (Human Trafficking), but the reality is that people are still being SOLD like merchandise and held against their will. Doesn't seem like that part changed much since the Civil War.

I learned about modern-day slavery a couple years ago (a few years ago now? not sure, time flies) by watching the Lifetime mini-series "Human Trafficking". I was completely astounded and really saddened and truly sickened. I just don't understand it. It's times like that where I wish God did not give us free will and then there wouldn't be the ability to show so much cruelty and hatred toward one another. But then I come back to reality... If we didn't have free will then we also wouldn't be able to know the other extreme: unconditional love, true joy, sincere generosity....

I then was introduced to the organization called Love146 through an online friend on (a DIY graphic collage website, where I made the image to the right).

I read more about it, learned more facts, felt more sadness, became more angry.... and then forgot about it again.

Why is it so easy to turn away and forget? Busy-lives, I know... that's my excuse.

It's quite unfortunate that it isn't easy to just up and leave and join one of these organizations. But... maybe it just isn't everyone's calling. Maybe some people's calling is to stay home and teach their kids the love of Christ so that there isn't a chance that another sick pervert will be born into the world. Then when they grow up, if it is their calling, they can go help.

Does that sound like a cop-out? Are you thinking sarcastically to yourself "Well that's why there aren't enough people helping! They all need to be selfish and stay home and focus on themselves!"

Well... personally I would truly LOVE to live my life as a volunteer or missionary. Who knows, maybe someday God will provide the means for such a calling. I'm not saying I know what God has in store for my life, but I think that if we do not have the means to help the way some people can, then all we can do is try to improve the lives of those around us and in our own neighborhoods.

Who knows, maybe I'm completely wrong. Like I said before, God gave us all free will right? And as the saying goes, "Where there's a will, there's a way."

Then again... even though God gave us free will, we are supposed to trust in and follow HIS will alone. So.. I guess we just need to make sure we are fully in tune with the Holy Spirit so that we have the wisdom to discern what God's will is for our lives, whether it's being an abolitionist, activist, missionary, or stay-at-home mom.

Every calling is a respectable and honorable calling when it is in accordance with God's will.

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