Sunday, April 18, 2010

"It's just greener out here"

As a follow-up to my last post, I want to share some of the wonderful and not-always-so-wonderful things about life in good ol' New Hampshire.

My friends and I used to say, "It's just greener out here." The air is fresher and everywhere you look you see different shades of green - grass green, pine tree green, moss green, maple leaf green... even the not-so-pleasant-looking bog green. God sure did bless New Hampshire with beauty!

So, in tribute to the wonderful state I call home {and in keeping with my love of lists}, here is a run-down of all things NH -- preceded by a collage I made in honor of that list :)

{Leave me a comment if I left anything out!! or if you're from NH and wanna say hi! or, for whatever reason!!}

Live Free or Die.
Maple Syrup.
Fall Foliage.
Stone walls.
My Mount Monadnock.
Covered Bridges.
Corn Mazes.
Knee-deep snow.
Pancake House.
Apple Trees.
Ice storms - a beauty and a beast.
Colonial Homes.
Salt Box Houses.
New England Folk Art.
Colonial Flags.
Old Home Days.
Mosquitoes and gnats. ugh :(
Wild Turkeys.
Pumpkin Patches.
New England Churches.
Old Man in the Mountain - R.I.P. :(
Fresh Eggs.
Antique Stores.
Predictably unpredictable weather.
Yard Sales.
Dirt Roads.
Trees of all kinds :)

I love love love where I live and I'm glad my kids are going to grow up here :-) Thank you God for Your perfect Plan!

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